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Dysfunctions and Disorders of Male Reproductive System

Sexual functions and reproductive system are tightly connected and form a bulk of male health. Aging process, environmental factors, social disorders, stress, anxiety, depression, accompanying health problem and other issues contribute to the development of various disorders that hit the reproductive system and prevent men from pleasurable and healthy sex. According to the statistics, most frequently people over 40-50 start experiencing complications related to sex. Erectile dysfunction is one of the most widely spread disorders that prevent a man from satisfactory sex and an ability to have a child. The reasons of the disorder can be numerous and depend on an individual case. The key symptom of the condition is an inability to gain and maintain an erection, sufficient for successful sex. According to the statistics, other problems with mail reproductive system include the following:

  • Benign prostatic hypertrophy is swelling of the prostate gland that surrounds the base of the urethra and bladders. The results of such condition are urination complications, nocrutia, dribbling and similar abnormalities. The condition is more peculiar to elderly men, though a great number of younger males experience the signs of the condition as well;
  • Hydrocele is the disorder characterized by swelling on the scrotum side. The issue can trigger considerable discomfort. The complication can also contribute to the development of other disorders, so they require medical assistance;
  • Hypospandias is the condition that features the opening of the external urinary meatus anywhere below the penis tip, instead of opening right at the tip;
  • Varicocele. The main peculiarities of the condition are twisted and dilated veins within the testes. The disorder impairs the male ability to get a child. Additionally, it can cause significant discomfort in the everyday life.

How to Improve Symptoms of the Disorders

Despite these are not all the conditions, which can strike male health, they are the most frequently occurring. Fortunately, the modern pharmaceutical market is so well-developed that you can find the necessary treatment easily and get the necessary improvement fast. Generisk Cialis is one of the main remedies that help balance blood circulation within the penile area, increasing chances to get a hard erection you can hold. Additionally, the medicine can be used for benign prostatic hypertrophy treatment and certain other sex-related abnormalities, though such therapies should be discussed with a professional and qualified medical specialist.

Sexual Life after 50: Myth or Reality?

Is it still possible to enjoy healthy sex and hard erections? Can you enjoy a full sexual life once you are over 50 years old? The answer is definitely yes, even though you will have to work hard to achieve this.

Generally, erectile dysfunction that is also known as impotence is a quite devastating condition that affects an overwhelming majority of young and elderly men. The symptoms of the disorder can be both permanent and temporary. While temporary dysfunctions are not the reasons for concern, constant inability to achieve and hold an erection is a real problem. The decrease in potency can be claimed a natural symptom of the aging process. According to the statistics of the Public Health Ministry of France, males over 50 years old are reported to experience sex-related complications twice as frequently as young men. It happens due to several reasons, while the results still remain the same.

The signs of erectile dysfunction can be triggered by stressful lifestyle, lack of physical exercises, constant stress and anxiety, depression and social disorders. The condition, which is stimulated by any of these factors, can be easily improved. The only thing you need to do is eliminate the cause of the impairment, and its symptoms will disappear naturally. However, it will not work that simply with erectile dysfunction caused by the aging process. Testosterone level falls as you age and you do not have that quality muscle contractions. As a result, you need to work hard to stay sexually active and enjoy satisfactory and pleasurable sex.

Eliminating Signs of Erectile Dysfunction at Any Age

Apart from natural processes, impotence can be provoked by accompanying or underlying health problems, such as:

  • Obesity;
  • Diabetes;
  • Abnormal blood pressure;
  • Heart-related complications;
  • Kidney or liver disorders and others.

You need to consult your doctor in order to eliminate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. He/she will recommend you certain drugs to treat underlying health disorders first. Such measures can be enough for the condition balancing. Additionally, you should add a healthy diet, regular exercises and an improved lifestyle to the impotence treatment course. If it still does not improve your condition, browse Tadalafilenfrance.com and get the medication you need. The effective PDE-5 inhibitor will manage disorders related to blood circulation. Besides, it will significantly advance testosterone level, required for a successful sexual intercourse.

Phosphodiesterase Type 5 Inhibitors: Mechanism of Action

A phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor (PDE5 inhibitor) is a drug the helps the body’s natural response to sexual stimulus. The PDE5-based medicines are usually used to treat erectile dysfunction; however, they’ve been proven to work with a variety of serious issues: muscular dystrophy, fear of heights, several cardiovascular diseases and so on. The most well-known types of PDE5 drugs are:

  • Viagra,
  • Cialis,
  • Levitra.


Generally, PDE5 inhibitor provides help when it comes to one’s natural response to sexual stimulus, they block out the enzymes. Which, in turn, increased the blood flow to the penis during any kind of sexual activity. This, obviously, means that PDE5 inhibitors are not effective with no sexual stimulus. Contrary to popular belief, PDE5 drugs do not cause erections, they help your body’s response to “sexy” situations.

Adverse Effects

There are some adverse effects to be mindful of when using any kind of PDE5 inhibitor. As tadalis-sx helpfully points out, most of the side-effects appear to be dose-related. The most prevalent side-effects include: indigestion, headache, feeling dizzy, and rhinitis. There were other claimed side-effects, but they turned out to be nothing more than an elaborate smear campaign. In general, many adverse effects aren’t worrying/serious. According to the data from tadalis-sx.net, men almost never stop taking PDE5 because of the adverse effects.

When Not to Use PDE5 Inhibitors?

First and foremost, these types of pills shouldn’t be used with “nitrate” drugs that treat some kinds of cardiovascular diseases. That mostly has to do with the release of nitric oxide as a result of sexual stimulation. In general, if you have a heart issue that’s ongoing, you’d be better off consulting with your specialist before taking PDE5.

Things Not to Do

  • Don’t try to have sex too early or too late after taking the pill.
  • Don’t think you will just pop an erection for seemingly no reason.
  • Don’t eat a big meal before taking the pill.
  • Don’t drink alcohol.
  • Don’t let your anxiety take the best of you.

All of the above can seriously lessen the drug’s effectiveness. Some data from from different sources suggests that you can drink alcohol, but do not overdo it. Better stay on the safer side.

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