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A new report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Metro area has grown steadily combined with the overall foreign-born population. So, too, gets the number of learners in area public academic institutions that aren’t proficient in English, it adds. In the meantime, education applications are being slice, said the report‘s author, Eric Ruark. We’re not stating that [English proficiency classes] are the cause, but it’s certainly taking money away from them. The Good survey notes further that the additional costs aren’t small: The money allocated to LEP education in the D.C. Region is substantial. The majority of that funding originates from local sources, from property taxes usually, with the majority of the rest appearing out of state budgets.Waterbury Republican American: Sullivan was appointed by Rell in 2007. As well as the claim the insurance division is rubber-stamping rate boost requests, the letter also promises Sullivan is certainly ‘opposed to holding community hearings and conducting a thorough rate review’ and demands that the department ‘halt the argument that they have to transfer higher rates to customers because of the federal reform regulation’ . WRTV Indianapolis: Some lawmakers are questioning why [Indiana] is still spending time and tax money accepting and processing applications for a health care system with a waiting list of 52,000 people.